Should your home or business ever require the services of emergency plumbers in north Dublin or anywhere throughout the country it might be best to get in touch with FIT MY BOILER.

We specialise in all commercial and residential plumbing needs. We know that these problems often arise at the most unwelcome times.

Should you have an upcoming event, or notice a major problem at night or over the weekend, our emergency service call-out might be what you need.

Whether it is a major leak, a lack of water in your systems or something different we will be more than happy to assist.

The FIT MY BOILER team will assess and fix any plumbing problems that may arise at your home or business.

Our Plumbing Services in North Dublin:

At FIT MY BOILER we offer a range of plumbing and heating services for commercial and residential properties:

  • Scheduled servicing and maintenance – This is ideal for schools, offices and buildings which receive a lot of footfall. We will determine issues, fix minor problems and can operate on a schedule that suits your needs.
  • Installation – Modern plumbing appliances, for heating your bathroom or water distribution require skilled and trained installation professionals. Whether you are working on a new property or the renovation of an old building the team at FIT MY BOILER are happy to install all the equipment that you may need.
  • Boilers replacement and repair – To ensure heat retention and the best quality for your home we repair and install boiler units in homes and businesses throughout Ireland, Dublin and Meath. Outdated boilers can cost you in terms of money, heat and comfort. With professionally installed and maintain boilers, your home will remain comfortable throughout cooler months.

Emergency Plumber North Dublin Call Out:

FIT MY BOILER is available 24/7 and throughout the holidays.

We can send out a trained and equipped team who will assess and rectify issues where and when possible.

Late-night and weekend fees do apply.

These are on a case-by-case basis, but rest assured we offer the most competitive emergency rates available.

To avoid damage, loss of income and for peace of mind, FIT MY BOILER are here to help.

Check our a selection of some of our Plumbing Jobs from Dublin and North Dublin


When you look for a plumber in north Dublin you should look for a company that works on preventative measures rather than reactive ones.

With over 20 years of experience in plumbing throughout North Dublin and beyond, we know how to fix issues before they arise. We also offer emergency plumbing services when things do not go to plan.

It may be something your maintenance team did not notice or a complete accident at the wrong time. No matter the issue, with our experience and knowledge we can rectify any issues that arise.

The FIT MY BOILER team work on servicing, installation maintenance and repair of commercial and residential properties throughout Dublin, so there isn’t much we haven’t seen before.

If we do discover a new issue, we are certain we can overcome it and come up with a cost-effective solution that will meet your needs on a financial and practical level

FIT MY BOILER work on emergency plumbing needs throughout north Dublin and beyond.

Should it be a new built or a restored home, we provide the same amount of skill and care to all our work.

When to give us a call:

Should you require emergency plumbing in north Dublin call us any time, day or night.

We will arrange a team to get to you asap and fix any issues that you have. Costs etc. can be discussed at this time.

We will work to ensure your business and home are protected and maintained to the best of our ability, no matter when your emergency plumbing needs arise.  See all our contact details here, or simply call 0862447399 or email