Having trouble heating areas of your home? Suspect a pipe blockage? Hear some suspicious rattling in your radiators?

Power Flush Benefits

Chances are you need a power flush to clean out your heating system.

This may be done to improve the heating system all over or in preparation of a heating system overhaul.

A powerflush in your Dublin home is nothing to be embarrassed about, debris and sludge builds up even if you maintain your heating system to the best of your ability, time and wear and tear have a big impact on how your heating system performs.

What Is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is a necessary and relatively simple step in maintaining the efficiency of your heating system.

The team at FIT MY BOILER can performs a powerflush to your heating system when needed.

What Is Power Flushing

The process works to remove sludge, rust and other debris from your pipes and radiators. If not removed regularly, this debris can reduce the efficiency of your system and compromise the integrity and function of the system as a whole, from the boiler all the way to the pipes. Sludge buildup has been linked to system breakdowns and the need for boiler replacements. Something you want to avoid as best you can.


If you feel that your system isn’t performing its best, power flushing may be a good option for you.

How Does Power Flushing Work?

The power flushing process involves using a combination of high-pressure water and chemicals to clean the internal portion of your heating system.

Most power flushing jobs take half a day to a day to complete, depending on the amount of sludge in the system and how big your home or business is.

There are a few steps to take in order to clean your system and this includes:

  • Water being flushed through radiators, pipes, and boilers until the water that comes out is clear and has a neutral ph.
  • Then, inhibitor fluid will be introduced, which is the last stage of the process. This fluid helps to prevent debris from collecting within the system after the process has been completed.

Why Your System Needs a Powerflush

There are a few situations in which your system may need or benefit from a power flush. These include:

Fitting A New Boiler

Even if your system seems to be working just fine, you may need to hire a professional for a power flush if you’re planning to fit it with a new boiler.

This is mostly because the manufacturers of many boilers require power flushing prior to fitting the new boiler in order for the boiler in question to have a valid warranty.

A Dublin powerflush with FIT MY BOILER is usually as a result of installing a new boiler.

Reduced System Efficiency

The most obvious reason that you’d need a poweflush is if you notice that your system has started to act up. Whether it’s not heating properly, making strange noises, the pump is failing, radiators are blocked or need frequent bleeding, a power flush may be all you need to remedy the problem.

Let the FIT MY BOILER team know exactly what is occurring in your system and we will be able to determines the cause and what to do next?

The cost of a Dublin Powerflush?

The cost of a powerflush Dublin can range from €400 upwards depending on the size of your premises and the age and size of your heating system.

FIT MY BOILER will determine the cost when we visit your home and examine your system.  Do call the team today on 0862447399 and get a complimentary quotation today, or see our Powerflush enquiry form here.


Power flushing is a great way to ensure that your central heating system is operating at its peak performance level. The process is non-invasive and can be used as a remedy to a variety of minor inconveniences and central-heat-related issues. It can save you the trouble – and cost- of replacing your system.