Electric shower installation in both old and new homes has become increasingly more convenient and cost effective for many most homeowners. They are economical, produce hot water only when you need it and they save on the need for older and costly heating and retention.

You can have an electric shower installed across Dublin by the FIT MY BOILER team. Heating and plumbing experts, we can suggest the best brands and styles for your home and have it fitted in no time.

But is an electric shower installation really worth it? We are going to have a look at 5 reasons why you should have your shower installation in Dublin.

5 Benefits of Electric Shower Installation

Electric Showers are Easy to install

Although electric showers use a more complex body and build design than traditional showers, they are still relatively easy to install and set up.

The shower is simply attached to your home’s cold-water pipe with a screw system. A professional plumber can then finish the electric shower installation process by connecting the shower to the electrics, which doesn’t take more than a few hours.

Enjoy powerful and hot water in your Dublin home in a matter of hours with FIT MY BOILER.


Just because electric showers are newer and more complex, it doesn’t mean that their prices are any steeper. This is a major bonus.

Electric showers are available for a wide variety of prices, ranging from extremely affordable to more expensive.

With ever more competition across Dublin you can find competitive prices, but we are pretty sure that they won’t beat ours, so call the team for a comprehensive quotation.

Precise Temperature Regulation

Electric showers allow users to achieve a very precise temperature thanks to their simplistic, intuitive temperature regulator. This easy-to-use regulator makes it easy to get the water temperature to just the right degree of hot or cold for your preferences.

Traditional showers combine both hot and cold, but they don’t allow for as precise of a temperature to be reached. This is because the boiler that heats the water is located elsewhere within the home and can’t be accessed while you’re using the shower.

This is definitely not ideal for older homes which suffer from poor heat retention.

Energy Efficient

Not only are electric showers affordable in terms of upfront cost, but they’re also helpful when it comes to reducing the cost of your monthly electric bills. Since electric showers only heat water up when they’re in use, they aren’t constantly using energy warming water up in anticipation of the next use.

This causes a reduction in the amount of energy that’s used throughout the day, which can result in lower electric bill and a smaller carbon footprint for your household.

Easy Upgrades and Replacements

Electric shower parts are located on the surface of the wall instead of inside of it, as is the case with traditional showers. This makes upgrades and replacements much easier since the parts your shower installation professional needs to get to are on display already.


Electric showers are beneficial to the home in more ways than one. From being easy to install, energy efficient, and convenient to replace, there’s an electric shower benefit to satisfy the needs of every household.

If you are thinking of having your electric shower installation in Dublin in the coming weeks or months, get in touch with the FIT MY BOILER team today.

We will be happy to help out where we can and provide you with the hot water and warmth that your house deserves.