Gas boilers? What are those? Well, they are and will continue to be one of the primary sources of home heating in Dublin for quite a few years to come.

While gas boilers will no longer be installed in new builds post-2025 according to the government, it will be far longer before they are phased out completely. In the meantime, there maintenance and upkeep are important for a comfortable home.

At Fit My Boiler we work on the repair, replacement and servicing of gas boiler units throughout Dublin, North and South Dublin and surrounding counties.

Many new operators may struggle to upkeep gas boilers, but with a wealth of experience and trained plumbing and heating professionals, Fit My Boiler provide quality gas boiler services in North Dublin and surrounding area

Why you should service your gas boiler?

Yearly servicing of gas boiler systems will save you money, improve your home heating and heat retention.

Heating systems can also pose health risks if issues are not remedied quickly enough.

Regular gas and oil boiler servicing will find any issues with your systems. Fit My Boiler can remedy any issues cost-effectively and improve the heating of your home and the longevity of your heating system.

If you avoid servicing your boiler, damaged pipes, lose fittings and leaking gas and fuel can cause damage and health risks. Fit My Boiler source any issues, provide safety ratings and will minimise costs and/or the need for expensive unit replacements.

When should you have a gas boiler service in North Dublin?

Fit My Boiler highly recommends and it is also industry standard to have a boiler service at least once per year.

As long as your unit has been professionally installed and upgraded once a year is plenty of time between servicing.

The overall costs are remedied by the savings you will make on letting your unit age and become a hindrance to your home comfort.

You can get a quote for your gas boiler service from the team via email,, online form here or over the phone, call the team direct on 0862447399.

Don’t forget a regular service will save on the overall costs of your heating and repair bills, so it is a worthwhile investment.

Will you need a gas boiler repair or replacement?

Whether you need a repair or replacement all depends on the age of your unit, its functionality and whether it’s possible to repair certain areas.

We will never suggest a replacement unless it is necessary, and we will discuss the repair needs when they are required.

Much older units will most likely need to be replaced as spare parts become unavailable and the units become obsolete with new technology.

Fit My Boiler will discuss all your options with you.

Repair of more modern gas boiler units is still possible and we can keep costs low as we maintain good relations with boiler manufacturers across Ireland and Europe.

Should your unit need replacing you are sure to save on fuel costs and heating bills as newer units retain heat for much longer reducing running costs and heating your home for much longer.

Why Fit My Boiler?

A family-run business operating in the areas of heating and plumbing for decades, Fit My Boiler brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every job.

We aim to maintain long-lasting relationships with our customers, so we provide the best quality at affordable rates.

Fully insured and registered to work on gas and other heating systems in Ireland you never have to worry about the quality of work with Fit My Boiler.

What we can guarantee is an affordable, professional and reliable repair and replacement service. Call direct on 0862447399, email or complete the submission form.