Whether it is a gas or oil boiler, at some stage of your boiler life there is a time when you ask- “Should I replace my boiler?”

  • Is it when it reaches a certain age?
  • Is there a particular fault you should look out for?
  • Is it cheaper to repair or replace my boiler?

At FIT MY BOILER it is our job to answer these questions and to provide you with the right boiler solutions when you need them.

Working in the Dublin and Leinster region for over 20 years we have seen all types of boiler designs.

Those which have been expertly installed and maintained, boilers which required a lot of TLC and others which were simply not fit for their purpose.

So, we know how to answer the question of “when I should replace my boiler?”

Unfortunately, it is not a completely straightforward answer but there are a few signs you can look out for.

Check the age of your Oil or Gas Boiler:

Most boilers, whether gas or oil, have a life expectancy of between 15 and 25 years, newer models will last much longer.

If you have your boiler regularly serviced, it should reach its life expectancy.

Boilers that are quite aged, and which require a lot of work should be replaced as they will work out cheaper in the long term.

Corrosion in Boilers:

Corrosion especially on inlets and valves is a major sign that your unit may need replacement, especially on older models.

New models are more secure when fitted correctly.

Your annual service will highlight any such issues, but if you notice something yourself contact fit my boiler immediately.

Finding spare parts, especially for older models can be costly and difficult.

Reduced Boiler Efficiency:

If your boiler is costing more to run, cooling faster and not functioning as well as before, it may be reaching the end of its run.

Older models will of course show signs they need replacing.

When the operating costs are starting to outweigh the benefits, it may be time to consider replacing your boiler.


Gas or fuel leaks should not occur from your boiler as it can be quite dangerous.

If you believe your unit is suffering from a leak. Contact emergency repair technicians immediately.

If it is a major issue you will have to replace your boiler for safety reasons and also to save on costs and any potential damage.

With servicing, should I replace my Boiler?

If you do have a regular service of your gas or oil boiler you will not need to replace the unit for some time.

The FIT MY BOILER team can run diagnostics to ensure your boiler is running at its best.

If there are small issues, we can fix them to maintain the integrity of your unit and if a replacement is needed, we will be sure to inform you of all the particulars that are required.

I need to replace my Oil or Gas Boiler:

If you are sure that you need to replace your boiler or want to upgrade to a more efficient unit, then get in touch with the FIT MY BOILER team as soon as possible for a free assessment and quotation, call 086 244 7399, email: info@fitmyboiler.ie – or see our online form here.

We will be happy to make recommendations, give you a hassle-free quote and provide you with all the information you need on boiler replacements and repair.

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