As implied by its name, a combi boiler performs a “combination” of heating. Combi boilers work on both your central heating system and your hot water. Other heating systems need a separation of plumbing and heating components. It is one of the main reasons combi boilers are in such high demand.

Modern combi boilers use condensing technology to heat your water system effectively by removing latent heat from the flue gases. Combi boiler’s gas burner ignites when you need hot water or heating. Giving you hot water on demand. No need to set the immersion with this boiler or worry about hot water running out.

Many combi boilers also feature a pre-heat mechanism, which enables the boiler to store a limited amount of water that can be used later.

A new Combi Boiler vs. Traditional Boilers:

Gas Combi Boilers are great space savers:

The combi setup is quite simple – water is heated and sent throughout the house directly from the main water supply. This makes the combi boiler much more space efficient. As a result, Combi boiler installations are perfect for homes of all sizes, especially apartments and smaller units with limited space.

Traditional boilers need larger units to store water and heat over time.

Water Usage & Bills

The amount of hot water that each boiler type can produce is their second and possibly most significant difference.

A combi boiler is excellent for small and medium-sized houses. Traditional boilers can store larger units of water, but reheating water can add to bills significantly.

Combi boilers heat directly from the water source and store minimal amounts of water.

Advantages of a Gas Combi Boiler

Combi boilers offer a variety of advantages and are the ideal choice for many houses. The following are some of benefits of Combi Boilers.

Efficiency and energy-cost reduction:

Combi boilers are one of the most energy-efficient types of boilers available today. These boilers usually have up to 92% efficiency ratings because of their advanced technology. That represents a remarkable improvement over older boilers, which may only be 40–60% efficient.

Considerable savings can be made if you decide to switch to a combi boiler or install a new unit into your home.

On-demand hot water:

Hot water is always available because the combi boiler gets its water supply straight from the source. So before taking a bath or shower, you don’t have to wait for it to heat up or depend on a hot water storage tank to refill. The installation process is also super easy for new Combi boilers.

Gas Combi Boiler Lifespan:

Gas combi boilers can last for 10 to 15 years before they need to be replaced. Several manufacturers also provide extensive warranties of about ten years, so you can be confident that you can use these boilers for many years.

A combi boiler is smaller, cheaper, and more efficient than a regular boiler.

Ultimately, the best Combi Boiler for you will be the one that suits your home. Ensure you consider factors like the boiler size in kilowatts, the fuel type and the boiler manufacturer as you purchase.

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They are easy to use, more environmentally friendly, and highly cost-effective.

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