Fit My Boiler are your number one choice when you need an emergency plumber in north Dublin.

From Balbriggan to Howth, Rush and even as far as Malahide, Fit My Boiler is here to assist you when and wherever you need us.

Emergency boiler repairs and installation are part of our slew of services at Fit My Boiler.

We have been servicing North Dublin homes for over two decades. Our wealth of experienced and highly trained team members and our dedication to providing a quality service, ensure we exceed all our customer’s expectations.

We pride ourselves on our customers loyalty and do our very best to meet all of their standards.

Why you might need an emergency plumber in North Dublin:

While Fit My Boiler is a dedicated gas and oil boiler installation company, our plumbing experience ensures we have the know-how to deal with your emergency plumbing situations.

Oil and Gas boiler faults:

Without quality and regular servicing your gas and oil boiler may develop faults. These faults left untreated can cause damage and harm to your home heating system.

If you suspect, there is damage or even a leak with your gas and oil boilers you must call our emergency line immediately.

We will send experienced technicians around. They will be able to identify any issues and inform you of the next steps regarding repairing or replacing your boiler.

Water and pipe issues:

Having no running water or major leaks in a residential or commercial property can be a major headache for property owners.

You want to feel comfortable and relaxed at home and a lack of water or an excess amount will do major damage to your home.

Get the issues sorted immediately with the Fit My Boiler team.

We can figure out your water issues and remedy any blockages or faults at the source.

If there is a leak you will need your water shut off immediately and the leaks fixed as soon as possible.

Major water damage can be a huge financial headache.

Such emergency plumbing issues in North Dublin must be sorted by our team in the shortest amount of time.

How to reduce the risk of emergency plumbing issues in north Dublin:

There are a few things that you can do to reduce the chances that you will need to call our emergency plumbing line.

Schedule a yearly service:

A yearly servicing of your plumbing network will ensure comfortable and healthy systems that are devoid of faults.

We will check each faucet and connection to ensure leaks aren’t arising.

Our oil and gas boiler services will ensure you get the most out of the lifespan of your oil and gas boiler.

Don’t wait for issues to become too large:

If there is even a small leak that you are unsure of, get in touch with the team and we will come to your home in north Dublin immediately.

Prevention is better than cure and our team is happy to assist with all your plumbing issues whether they are big or small.

Contact us today:

Get in touch with your trusted emergency plumber in North Dublin. Our line is always open, and we are here to serve the people of north Dublin.

Operating 24 hours we can have a team to your home or commercial property as soon as you notice an issue.  You can reach us direct on 0862447399, email or complete our online Emergency Plumber contact form.

Emergency Plumber in North Dublin