With the price of oil and all fuels at the moment, you may be wondering why you would even consider a new boiler for your home. Well, the simple answer is, a new oil boiler will save you tremendous amounts of money in the long term, even with rising prices.

The reason for this is their improved efficiency, meaning you get more heat and energy from your boiler than an older model can produce. If you can get more with less, then it is an obvious choice.

Firebird oil boiler prices in Ireland have never been better and as they are at the pinnacle of engineering and heat production; they are one of the best choices of oil boiler in Ireland at the moment.

What is Firebird?

FireBird is a Cork-based company specialising in the design and production of cost-effective and powerful home heating systems, more specifically oil boilers.

Why Firebird condenser oil boilers:

  • Irish Designed and Manufactured
  • HVO Ready
  • Premium Design and Quality
  • Envirogreen™ range of boilers
  • 10 Design types and options to choose from

Being a home-grown company is just one of the reasons that we recommend and supply these boilers to our customers throughout Ireland.

Firebird condenser boilers prices in Ireland may not be the bargain that you are looking for, but what you are paying for is quality.

You want to brand that is well recognised for its durability and performance and that is exactly what you get with Firebird.

Firebird oil boiler prices:

Depending on the type of boiler you choose, price generally range from €1500 to €4000 for a Firebird oil boiler. You will have to discuss with the FIT MY BOILER team your needs and we can assess the best FireBird oil boiler and pricing for you.

A Firebird oil boiler for your new build:

If you include Firebird oil boiler prices into your new build plans, you will work on offsetting long-term costs. By going with a tried and tested model and having our skilled team properly install your new Firebird oil boiler in your home, you will have one of the most fuel-effect boilers on the market.

It’s important to think long-term when building your home. If you’re invested creating a home with proper heat retention, then it is best practice to invest in an oil boiler that will compliment your plans.

Upgrading your old boiler:

It may be time to replace your existing boiler. Your boiler may have reached the end of its life span or be producing more problems than heat.

Firebird continually update and work on their oil boiler designs, which is what makes them one of the most powerful and efficient oil boilers to date.

If you are considering updating your oil boiler, get in touch with our team today.

We will be happy to run a diagnosis on your existing unit to ensure there are no fixes that we can produce. If it is time to upgrade, we will work to ensure your Firebird oil boiler prices in Ireland remain competitive.


With over 20. years of experience we have worked with and on many boilers produces. We know what works and what doesn’t and what provides our customers with the best ROI.

FIT MY BOILER only use the best equipment and suppliers to ensure you don’t have to worry about shoddy workmanship or appliances that don’t perform well.

Contact FIT MY BOILER today…

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