If we told you that you could upgrade your home’s heating system, improve its energy rating and reduce your heating bills, would you, do it? Of course, you would.

A gas boiler replacement will get rid of a lot of your home’s heating issues and reduce your energy bills. But upgrading your home heating system can be costly. New gas boiler units will save you money in the long term, but you have to pay installation costs. Thankfully, there are several grants available to improve your home’s heating and energy use.

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) offers several grants to homeowners. If you are looking to upgrade your home’s heating system, and have a more energy-efficient home, check out these grants.

What Home Improvement Grants are Available?

There are three home energy grant types available depending on your situation. These are the individual energy upgrade grant, the one-stop-shop service and the fully funded energy upgrade.

Most homeowners will access the individual energy upgrade grant. This is the most common and sought and we will look at this one exclusively here.

Your new gas boiler replacement will be partially funded by the SEAI. If your home was built and occupied before 2011 you can claim for insulation and heating.

The stipulations to access the grant include:

  • Homeowners must take care of contractor selection
  • Manage grant applications
  • Contractor works
  • Follow up with BER.

Find a trusted heating and plumbing contractor to assist with the application. Fit My Boiler will be happy to help.

You will pay for the work upfront and claim the grant following the project.

Why choose to manage your gas boiler replacement grant?

When you take care of the project yourself you can pay now and recoup costs later. Avail of better home heating and controls earlier than going through other channels.

The contractor you choose must be on the SEAI’s list of registered vendors. This makes the application processes run faster and ensures you have a quality team.

Fit My Boiler are SEAI registered and ready to begin installing your new boiler when you need us.

To qualify for an SEAI boiler grant you must meet the following criteria:

Which grant option should you choose:

Under the individual energy upgrade grant, there are some options to choose from. The most applicable to a gas boiler replacement is the heating controls upgrade.

What is the Heating Control Upgrade:

This upgrade is for the heating control system of your home, including your new gas boiler.

Older heating controls need maintenance, they cost you comfort and money.

The heating controls grant pays up to €700. This goes a long way in offsetting the cost of a new gas boiler.

All homeowners who occupied their homes before 2011 can avail of the grant. You cannot claim this grant if you have received the heat pump systems grant.

Why replace your gas boiler?

A new gas boiler will save you a lot with your energy bills.

The older gas boiler requires a lot of maintenance especially as they age. Repairs can be costly, and accidents can occur which can cause serious damage and injury.

New heating controls ensure you are always aware of your usage and can adjust your habits.

Need Help with your Gas Boiler Replacement Grant application?

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