Our homes are meant to be comfortable and inviting places not just for us but for our guests as well.

Noting says “don’t come in” like a cold, unheated home.

Sometimes though, a cold home is not completely in our control.

Especially if your heating system is broken.

Age, damage and poor insulation all play a factor in making our once warm home, cold and unwelcoming.

Before this happens, it is important to get a new heating system.

Avoid cold and discomfort before it happens.

FIT MY BOILER can help you with a new heating system and provide you with all the comfort that you need.

How do you know when you need a new heating system?

There are two simple ways to know when you need a new heating system before it breaks down completely.

  1. Regular Servicing:

A regular service from your trusted heating professionals will highlight any faults in your system.

Your team will find any areas of repair or replacement that you may need.

If you need a new heating system, it is often due to age. It may not be necessary to replace your entire heating system but certain parts.

To save you money and stress have FIT MY BOILER will conduct regular servicing on your heating system.

We will be able to pinpoint, if and when you may need a new heating system.

  1. If you notice a fall in Inefficiency:

Your heating system will dimmish over the year, even with servicing.

Unless there is a major accident you should not need to overhaul your entire heating system for many years.

If you do notice diminishing efficiency, then it may be necessary to get a new heating system.

There may be issues with your boiler, pipes or connections.

Call the FIT MY BOILER team to have a look at your entire heating system and they will be able to pinpoint any faults that you may have.

Only in the most extreme circumstance will you need to overhaul your entire heating system because of a fault.

Other reasons for a New Heating System:

It may not be a fault or age with your system, but renovations and upgrades that you desire.

Many new heating systems are far more effective than older units, meaning you get more energy while spending less.

If you want to upgrade your system talk to FIT MY BOILER and we can find the right heating system for your home.

We base our ideas on your energy consumption, the size of your home and a few other requirements.

If you are renovating your home a new heating system might just be the ideal way to make your house a home.

Whether throughout your entire home or within an extension a new heating system can make a world of difference.

What we do at FIT MY BOILER:

  • We offer a complete survey of your old and existing heating systems
  • We install new gas and oil boilers for homes throughout Dublin
  • We ensure safety and efficiency with all of our units
  • We conduct regular servicing for continued maintenance and output.

If you are interested in a new heating system or would like to discuss any of our other services, get in touch with FIT MY BOILER today, we operate throughout Dublin, Meath, Louth, Wicklow and Kildare – call or email the team on 0862447399 or info@FitMyBoiler.ie

New Heating System